Client Program Development

Enhanced Tele-Services, Inc. offers a better way to get your file requalified and new name acquisition handled with a company that understands circulation.

Our program development is the early part of our relationship with our clients and is refined and further developed every day we work together. We keep our clients' purposes sharply in focus to be sure we are ready to satisfy their needs.

We develop a script or survey which best targets the interests of our customers.

The training that we provide for our agents is based on the interests of prospective and current customers.

We follow all of BPA and ABC guidelines with each call being recorded.

Our automated system is custom made for the publishing industry.

Our system design allows our representatives to remain productive by the way our screens appear and the way the information is gathered.

We work with 100% transparency, We guarantee our work. We know the managers of books work all hours. We provide 24/7 access to answers, questions and concerns.

Our system allows us to receive, and return your files electronically. During the campaign, we are able to give daily reports that allows you to manage your publication more effectively and economically.

We provide the best customized reporting in the business on a timely basis. We are members of BPA and would be happy to provide references from publishers and fulfillment houses.