Our Mission

Enhanced Tele-Services, Inc. has been in business for over 24 years --serving local businesses and the publishing industry.

Our mission is to support clients in achieving their business and financial objectives through the development of an organized and thoughtfully planned Telemarketing effort. Through careful planning and execution of that plan we hope to establish a long term and ongoing consultive and productive relationship built on honesty and integrity in the services we provide. As a company we are prepared to act on these basic principles:

  • Placing the interests of our clients and their products and services first
  • Respecting our employees and providing a positive working environment
  • An ongoing pursuit for enhanced quality in all we do
  • Providing continuous training while stressing quality, sales technique, and motivation
  • Giving purpose to all we do through teamwork and goal setting
  • Working within the guidelines of our clients and always striving to exceed our goals
  • A definite desire to fulfill our clients' needs by adapting to current business trends and being creative and disciplined in our marketing efforts to meet both our clients' and our company's expectations
  • As a company, we want to make a meaningful difference in the community we serve by example and citizenship